WEB-Interface Playback control does not work since February update

Hello HiFiBerry Team,

since the February updates (20220223 & 20220228), the playback control via WEB interface and via remote control does not work anymore.

I have WEB access to the HiFiBerry installation, can choose any album of my library (MPD) or WEB radio station and start playing it via WEB interface.

I can't set the volume, skip the title or pause the title via WEB interface.
With the remote control, the same, volume setting, skip and pause does not work.

With the power controller, I can set volume and pause the title.

Before the February update, it worked.

My setup:
Hifiberry OS version:     20220228
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B rev. 1.2
AMP100 + DSP module
Power controller 0x00 / 0x05
Connected via LAN
HiFiBerry Wireless remote control (USB)

Best Regards,



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