HiFiBerry DAC+ not starting after long inactivity

Hi there,


I run a Raspberry PI 3B+ and HiFiBerryOS.

I flashed it about 1 year ago and was using it daily. Then I did not use it for 3 months and once I rebooted it, it did not work.

I could see it on the network, but not connect to it.

After several restarts, I decided tonight to flash the latest HiFiBery 3 OS again.


Flashing went fine, inserted the SD card and it still does not work, even after several reboots.

I cannot login to the hifiberry.local, independent of laptop (linux, mac) and browser (chrome, Firefox). Ethernet cable is connected to both my laptop and hifiberry.


Any ideas what I shall do (except continue flashing new OS?)?


Many thanks and best regards from Zürich,


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