Problems after power on/off

For power saving, i turn off my entertainment system (incl. hifiberry) when not used (sometimes for many days/weeks).

Whenever I turn power on, I have a problem which renders device unavailable. Seems like eeprom issue others are also experiencing? Tried reinstalling latest hifiberry os, does not solve the issue:

- In the web interface, DSP program is displayed as "unknown".
- There is no sound output via TosLink (didn't check analog out)
- HiFi berry is visible as airplay destination, but does not output any sound.
- Via SSH, i'm getting following output:
# dsptoolkit get-checksum
# dsptoolkit store
xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: syntax error: line 1, column 0

To restore functionality, I do the following:
- install stock "DAC+ DSP version 12" program
- verify checksum: dsptoolkit get-checksum shows 7B03B17AD5B6B1A0E0DACB29BF31F024, as expected
- dsptoolkit store still fails
- store sound adjustments (via web gui) ends with "Storing sound adjustments failed"
- General -> Power -> Restart
- DSP program is displayed correctly via web gui, `dsptoolkit get-checksum` displays correct hash, `dsptoolkit store` works
- sound output via TosLink works
- device is not visible on iPhone/iPad/Mac as airplay target

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