phono on beocreate > which preamp ?


Last year I've built a system based on Hifiberry OS on a Pi4, a beocreate, a pair of LX-Mini (DIY speakers following S. Linkwitz design) and it sounds really great. 
now I would like to add a nice turntable like a Rega or a Pro-ject.
what should be the best way to do it?

I need an riaa preamp, but most of them outputs analog audio so I would have to add an ADC... Can I piggy-back your DAC+ADC on the Pi with the Beocreate ?

Or could I use the DAC+ACD as a RIAA preamp ?

or maybe adding an external RIAA pream with an optical output like this one: Pro-Ject Optical Box E Phono

what do you think ?



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