Libreelec Hifiberry DAC2HD and IR Sensor

Hi everybody, I´m not able to use my Infrared Sensor (TSOP4838) when connecting it through the Hifiberry. The IR sensor is connected on Pin 1, 12 and 14. Without the Hifiberry I used dtoverlay=gpio-ir in config.txt and all worked fine (Also Pin, 1, 12 and 14). With the Hifiberry attached I have dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplushd and dtoverlay=gpio-ir in config.txt, but then the pi will not boot. I assume either two lines with dtoverlay will not work or the power consumption is to high. If this setup won´t work at all, there´s a flirc USB Dongle available, if anybody has experience with this, I´m glad to hear about. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance L

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