DAC+ DSP: RAC volume seems low


Is there a way to generate higher output volume on the RAC (cinch) outputs (and parallel Toslink output)?

Is that something I could use the DSP for? If so, any tips what to search for exactly in SigmaStudio (I have seen https://github.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/blob/master/doc/adaptexistingprofiles.md already)?

I found some forum posts about additional power supplies, but that only applies to the DAC+ Pro I guess.


I have the following setup and situation:

- DAC+ DSP with Toslink input from TV

- With cinch cables connected to BeoLab 6000 Active Loudspeakers.

- The speakers also have iEast streaming pads built-in (which I want to get rid of). As far as I understand, these are internally connected to the PowerLink input of the amplifier.

- Toslink output is connected to a Beocreate for rear speakers.


Problem is that when using the Hifiberry, the overall volume of the speakers is far from their maxixum (both when streaming from Spotify and when using the optical input):

- The iEast streaming pads deliver greater volume.

- In the initial setup, the TV was connected with a 3,6mm jack-to-cinch cable to the speakers which resulted in higher volume as well.


Thanks for any help and hints,




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