Digi no longer seen by RPI 4B on raspbian buster

Dear All,

All of a sudden, I got no sound coming out of my raspberry with the hifiberry digi I/O card in it, and started trying to understand what the reason could be. Nothing had been changed, and the device had not been rebooted.
Well, I did reboot to see what would happen, and could not remote connect (RDP) to the raspberry as I usually can. I just got the remote login prompt, and then after that a light blue screen. I could still access via SSH though.
I then had a quick look at disk usage, and noticed that the root partition was 100 % full. Not sure why as I´ve downloaded nothing for months, and it´s a 16 GB card. Anyway, I got rid of a couple of log files, and managed to free up enough memory (200 mb) to reboot and now see the desktop via RDP as I would before.
I then started REAPER, my main reason to have the hifiberry card, but realized that I could no longer select the hifiberry device.
I shut down REAPER, and in a terminal I ran aplay -L. To my frustration, this is all I got:

    Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
    JACK Audio Connection Kit
    Default Audio Device
    USB Stream Output

No indications of hifiberry present in the system.
I then did:

nano /boot/config.txt

Which showed me that hifiberry is still loaded:


And I checked that the overlay file for this board is still present in the overlays folder.

Before I do a clean installation on a new SD card, as the old one could have become corrupted, with hours and hours of trying to tweak and configure everything the way it used to be, could someone advise me about whether if there´s something I can do at this point? Maybe I need more free memory for the driver to load? Am I missing something?
I have the feeling that there´s nothing wrong with the card, since the problem started happening while I had other issues, but one can´t be too sure, of course.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards



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