5-channel, awkward cabinet design. Can this work?

Just starting to get my feet wet with HiFiBerry and picked up an Amp 2.  I love everything about HiFiBerry so far, but this was really a precursor to a larger project.

I got a Libratone Live for a great price years and years ago. I loved it for its design, power, simple but effective room voicing, and especially a really simple app interface.  But it sounds as though Libratone went bankrupt, and regardless, the app has been really frustrating for ages, so I've mostly been using the aux cable. Now, there's a strange sound problem that doesn't seem to be a blown speaker, and could be a problem in the crossover software, and I'm hoping the Beocreate + SigmaStudio could fix.


  • 150W of power going to 1x50W woofer, 2x25W tweeter and 2x25W midrange speakers through independent amp
  • 1x5” bass, 2x3” midrange and 2x1” ribbon based tweeter.
  • 95-255 Volt AC, 50/60Hz. Power consumption 80/6 W

I've seen in these forums that linking two beocreates via TOSlink could give 8 channels.  I've also seen other places where people took a hifiberry amp and used some smallish 3-way car crossovers to refurbish an old 3-channel stereo speaker.

1. I don't want to spend the money on two beocreates to keep this speaker alive.  One and a Pi, sure, assuming that there was a clear way to do this.

2. The space in this weird speaker is quite limited (triangle shaped, in the base, though I've confirmed that it can just barely fit a Pi and an Amp2), so I'm not even sure about fitting the Beocreate, unless I orient everything vertically up towards the woofer. I've also never used SigmaStudio, so I figure I could easily ruin the speakers if I go the route of these cheap car 3-way crossovers, even if they could fit.

Any advice appreciated. Is this crazy or way too complicated? Could I use a separate DSP via TOSlink for the woofer and the 4 channels of the Beocreate to make this happen, or some other odd configuration? Is using two cheap crossovers a terrible idea?

Thanks in advance.





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