HifiBerry-OS / Raspberry 3 - adding bluetooth with a dongle ? + some remarks about the website

Hi, : is it possible to add a bluetooth dongle on Rpi 3 to have Bluetooth audio source ?

I read a lot here, on the website and on github, it's not easy for the user to know what you can do with HifiBerry-OS depending the Rpi you choose.

You made a great article on blog to choose between pi3 and pi4 but I think that a table on the main hifiberryos page could be useful.

Something that resumes that only airplay and bluetooth are available for Rpi0w , no bluetooth on Rpi3 , airplay 2 on Rpi 3 & 4 but not on Rpi0w, Pi Zéro 2 W not supported due to lack of ram


Something looking like that (some Rpi and players are missing) :


  Rpi 0 Rpi 3 Rpi 4
airplay airplay 1 supported airplay 2 supported airplay 2 supported
Spotify connect not available supported supported
Squeezelite not available supported supported
Bluetooth supported not available supported



Also you should talk about audiocontrol2 on the main page too, this is an awesome part of the project and it is almost hidden. The REST API which is supported by Home Assistant, the possibility to add a rotary encoder and the possibility to extend audiocontrol2 are awesome features ! Show it directly on the main page with some links :)

Thank you !      


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