Multiple hifiberryos systems running on same network conflict

I am a heavy duty HiFiBerry systems:

1) Pi 3b+ / hifiberryos / DAC+ DSP

2) Pi 3b+ / hifiberryos / DAC+ Pro

3) Pi 3b+ / hifiberryos / DAC+

I am using airplay / spotify connect /OpenHome.

I am experiencing very strange behaviour when using spotify. After a short while I cannot connect anymore to one of the systems in the spotify app on android phone, although they are still listed. When i move 2 systems  (out of the 3) to moOde Audio with Librespot for spotify, it all works fine and stable. Only the DAC+DSP is now running on hifiberryos, the other 2 on moode audio.

anyone having the same experience?

HifiberryOS with vollibrespot seems to work fine with 1 player on the network, but causes issues with multiple players. Have it all working with a combi of hifiberryos and moode audio, but would like to move to hifiberryos for consistency and simplicity.

Thanks Daan


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