Activity light to indicate when sound is playing

Hi! I'm a great fan and long time user of the Hifiberry AMP2. I'm using it in combination with a RPI 3 as an custom built speaker with bluetooth/spotify connect/airplay which works great.

I would like to have a light (in my case it is an ancient light bulb) which turns on whenever sound is playing and turned off whenever the sound stops. Previously I accomplished that using a 'software' approach, i.e. by reading the unix filesystem and setting a RPI pin (in combination with a transistor) accordingly.

However, I don't like that approach and would like to reduce my lines of code within that project. Therefore I am looking for a more 'hardware' like approach and was wondering whether the hifiberry amp2 maybe has some kind of an activity pin or something similar which I could use for that purpose. Or maybe someone has another idea?


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