DAC +ADC not PRO as Phono Preamp


I managed to get my turntable to stream directly trough my raspberry pi using the DAC+ADC not pro. 

I set the input gain +32db using the jumpers as explained in the data sheet, I think the actual gain for a phono player is around 47db, but I handle the rest on software.

I used the SOX library to add more gain, apply the RIAA vinyl equalization, and a bit of bass and treble. I used the following command:

rec -b 24 -r 48k -c 2 -t flac - riaa highpass 15 gain -l 10 bass +3 treble +3 | ssh play --buffer 8192 -

This works well and it actually sounds fine, but it seems to lack some of the detail I hear when I play using the Schiit Mani phono preamp. Any idea of what else I am missing here. I think its the analog side, so not very sure, any ideas are welcome. 



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