Apply REW filters to Left and right + Both

I am running HifiBerryOS on a Pi 3B+ with the DAC+ DSP board and attempting to apply individual EQ filters generated by REW to the left and right channels separately. Each channel has a set of filters below 400Hz. Additionally, I would like to experiment with applying an EQ curve to both channels in the higher frequencies.

Reading through older forum posts I can see that when I use the "dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters-left filters.txt" (or right) command, I should ignore the message that says "filters configured on both channels" as the message is wrong and the filters were actually applied correctly on separate channels. 

My questions:

1. Is it still accurate that applying separate channel filters in the way described above works as intended, and the resulting success message is incorrect?
2. If I were to next apply a filter to both channels with "dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters filters.txt" would this then overwrite the individual channel filters previously applied? If so, does this mean you are able to apply an EQ to the left and right separately, or both at once, but not a combination of separate and summed?
3. Is there a way for dsptoolkit to return the currently applied filters?  Something similar to what's returned when you apply them perhaps (a list of frequencies and their gain/attenuations)? I don't see them in the web app but my understanding is EQ here is different and wouldn't show up there anyways.


I realize applying EQ to separate channels can create phasing issues. As I experiment with my setup I simply want to confirm how things work and what limitations may exist with dsptoolkit so I can be confident in my process and results.

Thank you in advance fo the help! 


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