noap fix doesn't work?

Hello there

I am using latest version Hifiberryos (20211105) with Beocreate and RPi4, initial setup worked, connecting to the access point it created, similar as to volumio on different RPi. After setup though it would just take minutes after power on and connection to my wifi for all other devices connected on the network to lose their connection, making references to DNS errors. I found the fix on your github, adding noap file to /boot, so I did via ssh and sudo touch. Now Beocreate can be connected and stream music from wifi, but after like one hour, it does the same thing as before, causing what seems to be DNS problems for all devices on my network. I need to restart the router and modem for connections to reconnect to the router and the internet.

Did I misinterpret your fix or might this be some other kind of problem?


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