Hi I was going to buy one of the DAC's but I'm not sure which one I want yet. There's no customer support number to call so I thought I'd just ask here. My purpose for using the DAC will be to play back mostly .wav files and maybe some .MP3 files (I wanted higher quality from .MP3) and I want to play music through my AUX in, in the car. So can anyone convince me why I should buy the DAC2 HD? will there really be much difference when playing .wav? the DAC2 PRO is definitely more my price range. Also, will either of these work with the Raspberry Pi 2? I'd like to get a steel case for it too, so If I were to buy any of those I'd probably just have extra holes for the fact that Pi 4 has more ports, which is fine for me as long as it fits. Lastly, When hooking it up to my car, I would need stereo out cables that convert to AUX on the end right?


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