Beocreate Vs. Dac2 HD.

I really love Beocrate. Usually, I listen to music through Spotify connect. And since I connected ChromeCast Audio to Optical Input, I can also play YouTube Music with voice commands. It is really convenient because Spotify is cut off if there is an Optical Input without having to select an input source. (It's really good to be able to select music with voice commands and turn up or down the volume when washing dishes.)
But sound quality is matter.

I tested the following two methods, and the second one was better in sound quality.

1. Beocreate
2. DAC2 HD + IcePower Amplifier

I still like Beocrate. But I want to improve its sound quality more.

Unfortunately, DAC2 does not support Optical Input. I understand that it is also impossible to connect DAC2 and Digi+.

The first question is which DAC performance is better, DAC2 HD or Beocrate?

The second question is, if I am not satisfied with the performance of Beocrate's Amplifier, can I improve the sound quality by connecting to an external Amplifier with Analyg Output or Optical Output? Of course, it will depend on the performance of the amplifier, but I want to find better sound quality by using Beocrate's function.

The third question is whether there is a difference between Beocrate's optical output and analog output. Is there a way to extract the DAC signal without going through the internal amplifier?

In fact, what I want is to use only Beocrate's DAC function and connect a separate external amplifier.


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