[Amp100 + DSP Add-on] TOSLINK Input Results in Hi-Pitch Noise

Hifiberry OS Version: 20211105
Pi Model: 3B
Sound Card: Amp 100 + DSP Module
Sound Card ID: 0
Features: pi pi3orlater arm7 dsp spdifnoclock toslink localui

SPDI/F Input Source: TV
DSP Profile: DSP Add-On v11 (no audio)/13 (hi-pitch noise)

Logs from spdifclockgen:
systemd[1]: Started SPDIF clock generator.
spdifclockgen[9589]: DEBUG: root - SPDIF lock, playing silence

There is no audio output when I run DSP profile v11, or plays hi-pitch noise with DSP profile v13.

I believe SPDI/F input stream is received on the DSP side somehow, so I downloaded dsp-addon-v11.dspproj from repository and hooked it up. What I found is that register ERR_DM0B3 is set: does this mean the DSP doesn't POST due to an hardware error? Could this be the smoking gun on the noise I have?

Also there are sparks whenever I plug in the barrel power connector from HiFiBerry 24V/180W power supply. I wonder if that destroyed the RAM bank. Isn't there a surge protection circuit on board? I ended up plug in the barrel connector first, and then plug in the live power, but is there a better way to prevent this?


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