Setting room calibration mic level in HifiberryOS

I've been having fun with room calibration. In the screen where you set the level it advises you to set a level where the indicator just becomes dark blue. When I move the volume slider throughout its range I don't see anything change color. What should I be looking for? I'm using a Behringer calibration mic run through a Scarlett audio interface.

I've tamed my Riva Concert speaker. I got the speaker as a refurb for a quarter of the list price. At list it's a bad deal. At $50 it's a great bedside speaker. As shipped it has an obscene bump in the mid bass that the weak tone control in the app that comes with it can't control. Room correction makes it totally civilized.

I made the mistake of clicking on the request link instead of the new post button yesterday.  Hope this is the right place this time.


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