Q30 protective spray

Can we use Q30 protective spray to coat the board for an outdoor installation inside a weatherproof box in a warm, humid, tropical location ( near Durban, South Africa )?


From their site:

Q30 has an extremely high electrical tolerance (up to 1000V) and can be sprayed onto electrical circuit boards. Q30 can be peeled off, and can stretch by up to 1000%. Q30 is 500 hour salt spray test certified and withstands temperatures of 100˚C for extended periods of time. Q30 prevents tarnishing, seals electrical circuit boards, prevents corrosion, seals small leaks in skylights and insulates and protects PCBs. 

Datasheet: https://q20.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/TDS_Q30_400ml.pdf

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