HIFIBERRY AMP2 with standard power supply and Boost Step-up transformer


I was wondering.

I want to create a battery operated configuration using the PiJuice HAT.

The problem I can foresee with this setup is that the HIFIBERRY AMP2 requires more power.

I was thinking to use some sort of Step-up transformer to take the power from the PiJuice HAT and power the HIFIBERRY AMP2 HAT/module.

But I am thinking now it perhaps by doing this I might not be creating a short between the Raspberry Pi + PiJuice HAT and the HIFIBERRY AMP2 through the GPIO headers.

Should I use instead a separate battery setup something that can offer the required power for the HIFIBERRY AMP2? this would be a shame because it would slightly increase the complexity of the setup.


Could you advise and point me to where I can get this information?




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