Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Amp2 questions


sorry for that meaningless sounding title. However, I am thinking about creating my own little media controller using a Raspberry Pi 3B+/4 with an Amp2 and a 5"/7" touch display. I would like to connect two 8 Ohm speakers and would use a 20 V power supply.

On the speakers are some more information I am unsure about if the Amp2 can even handle that or if those information are relevant to me. Hopefully someone can help me out if this would work out.
Had to translate them, not sure if it's remotely correct.

Impulse capacity 500 W (orig. "Impulsbelastbarkeit")
Music capacity 350 W (orig. "Musikbelastbarkeit")
Sine capacity 180 W (orig. "Sinusbelastbarkeit")
Impedance 8 Ohm (orig. "Impedanz")
Frequency range 28-22.000 kHz (orig. "Übertragungsbereich")


Thanks for all the answers in advance!

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