Beocreate checking sound profile


some 2 years ago i have upgraded  a CX50 speaker set with Beocreate. I installed the CX50 DSP profile, and used the system with Volumio since then. Initially there was a lot of discussion on 'pops', but that seemed to be resolved.

However: recently Volumio introduced a version 3. Since then the 'pops' were back.

So, being annoyed on Volumio, I installed HifiBerryOS and initalized with the CX50 settings. All worked well.

But this is where it starts to get confusing.

I did an eeprom check ('dsptoolkit check-eeprom'). The result is: "EEPROM content matches running profile, checksum 40FB6C92F57ABB70177CE053C73F54DC".

I think this is not the correct checksum, 2 years ago there was a different checksum.

So something has changed, but i do not know what. Is this the result of installing HiFiberrOS? Or am i doing something wrong?

Regards, Eric



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