Using AAmp60 with CM4 I/O Board (backpowering issues)

I am successfully running an DAC+ ADC with the official CM4 I/O board and now want to add a AAMP60. Since the I/O board has its own power supply and the AAMP60 can also supply the system with power, I suspect this will be a problem.

I've already found a post from someone using the AMP+ with a UPS HAT. He seems to be using a modified cable that connects the GPIO pins without the 5V power line.

The HiFiBerry Power Controller is another device providing its own power supply that can compete with the AAMP60. The datasheet explains that a jumper must be removed at the Power Controller if both are used together, otherwise the hardware could be destroyed.

The AAmp60 also has two pins for a jumper (JP1), which are not connected in the factory state. Can I use them to prevent backpowering or is there another way to use the AAMP60 on a CM4 I/O Board?

Switching to a Pi 4 is not possible because I need the PCIe socket and the second CSI interface.


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