Sound path possibilities with DAC+ DSP via USB

I am trying to set up an external DAC with EQ or DSP (in a single unit) to go between my computer (as the source) and the powered speakers (or other audio output system). I want connection from source to be hardwired, to avoid inherent Bluetooth / AirPlay delays.

Simplest form, picture an external USB DAC, with some tone controls, output via RCAs to the audio output. 

Not finding that, exactly, I found the DAC+ DSP. It does what I want, plus a hell of a lot more sound shaping through the DSP, which is fine. Not as quick and easy as I was looking for, but far more sophisticated, so I can work with this. 

I think my only question is, can I route the digital audio out from my Mac, say, via USB, and send that signal as input to the Raspberry's USB, and from there go through the DAC and DSP and ultimately to the speakers? I think the real question is can that RPi USB-A port receive digital audio data from my source system? 


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