USB Audio Output - HDMI / SPDIF to USB Audio Interface

Hello dear community,

since I could not find anything matching my needs properly, I will try to be as accurate as I can:

I would like to know if there is a possibility, to realise the functionality of Allo's USbrige with rPI and Hifiberry components ...

For my Korg DS-DAC-100, I need an USB Output (in 1bit DSD format I guess), as this DAC has a single USB input only. 

Normally the one bit data stream to the Korg is generated by Computer (eg OS X with Audiogate's driver for the Korg).

Link to Korg DS-DAC-100 https://www.korg.com/us/products/audio/ds_dac_100/page_1.php 

Allo's USBrige Signature Player has an "USB Clean" output implemented which is supposed to go directly to the used DAC.

My intendet purpose, is to get the sound signal from TV / Bluray Player / FireTV Cube and so on, into the Korg.

I guess the following setup is possible without bigger problems: 

TV / FireTV Cube / (...) --> FeinTech HDMI-Switch and HDMI AudioExtractor --> Allo USbrige --> Korg DAC.

The FineTech HDMI AudioExtractor I want to use, so that I can connect several HDMI devices, which is especially nice since it has an AudioOnly HDMI output from which I go into the USBridge (or soon in Hifiberry, hopefully)


Now comes the crucial question:

Can i change the USBridge to a RPI + Hifiberry + dedicated card to generate  a (1bit DSD data stream ?) output needed for my Korg DAC ?

The setup "AudioExtractor + USBridge + USbridge Case + power supplie will be around 490 €, which is quite a lot for me as trainee in carpentry.

Besides the fun I have to solve that issue, a cheaper setup realised with RPI and HifiBerry components would be very nice.

If I got that right, there is no such HifiBerry-device capable doing that digital to digital conversion to an USB output, because of the many different DAC devices with different clocks and their own specific specs which lead to bigger issues and problems in most cases.

"this is not possible" can't be true for my purpose, but i need to know if I will be able to achieve that under 500€ and, much more important, as a newbie to RPI and HifiBerry.

Thanks a lot





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