Beocreate board - 2 Zone / TV Audio

I current have a HiFi Berry AMP setup for garden speakers, it works great but im looking at adding a set of speakers inside my garden lodge that the garden speakers are on.

I would like to be able to use the audio from a TV I have in there too. I was looking at Bluetooth but I am worried about audio delay.

I came onto HiFi Berry today to get a second AMP setup for a set of speakers inside my lodge but saw the Beocreate board and wondered if it would be a better option for me.

Can anyone tell me if I could use this to power the inside speakers and outside speakers (with separate volume controls), also have the option to output the audio from my TV via optical into the Beocreate board?

I current use HiFiBerry OS and would like to stay with this if I can.

I have looked at all the info I can find on the Becreate board but I have not found a simple answer.


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