Best private house concept for cost effective multiroom audio with 8 zones with hifiberry?

Hi hifiberry enthusiasts,

at the moment I am looking for the best cost effective solution to build a multiroom audio for my private house with the following solution approach und would love to get feedback from you, if there is a better and maybe even cheaper way to do this:

1) 8 zones (only 2 zones in kitchen I would like to be able to combine as "multiroom", for the others it is really just using these zones standalone).

I would need some music server for streaming and automatically playing "door bell sounds" via doorbird. 

My Solution approach:

* 8 raspberry pi 3B+ & hifiberry amp2 placed centrally in my electrical distribution box with cabling to the speakers in the rooms - for each an own power supply - for each hifiberry amp2 2x magnat ic62 or magnat ic(p)82 depending on bathroom or normal room and size (we don't need studio quality, it's really for standard background use, but i would like to have the possibility to turn it up if needed ;) )

* 1 raspberry pi for logitech music server (with own power supply) while using hifiberryOS as squeezebox

My Challenges:

* 9 power supplies! (I already read https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/201844611-Power-Source-for-multiple-HifiBerry-Amp, so this should be possible to just use 1 bigger one, right?)

* 9 raspberry pis with hifiberry amp2 running 24/7 (altough music will be needed max. 5% of the year for each zone) consuming energy (i roughly calculated it and it seems to be at least several hundreds of euros per year).

* 9 necessary network ports for my switch

I tried out for one as proof of concept, that worked fine (also in regards to sound quality!). BUT... do you have another or a better approach? I already saw the hifiberry power controller, but is it possible to turn the raspberry pi also on/off via REST-API call or something external request (e.g HTTP, via KNX Automation/Visu server, etc.)?

Looking forward to receiving your appreciated feedback - thank you all in advance!



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