arecord via cron -- no cron on HiFiBerryOS?

I have discovered that HifiBerryOS works great out of the box for what it does.  I was up and running recording using the ADC+ and arecord in no time. 

Unfortunately I have quickly run up against the limits of HifiBerryOS.  No ability to install packages, and no crontab. 

Is there a workaround to enable the cron service?

Literally the only thing I want this to do is record on a schedule.

Or are there other creative solutions like running a cron job elsewhere on another linux machine and running arecord via ssh to the HiFiBerry?

Or do I just need to scrap HifiBerryOS and make it work on Rasbian.  How does one even get the ADC+ installed on Rasbian?  Drivers, etc.?

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