AMP2 with 3B+, 7" touch display and external SSD drive

Hello HifiBerry-Community,

currently, I build up a mobile multimedia player. My hardware setup is AMP2 with Pi 3B+, the official 7" touch display and an external drive. Now I read some posts from 2017,  that the power supply of the AMP2 module will hvbe to less power to drive the 7" display as well as the external SSD drive. Is this still a problem, or is there any modification at the AMP2 that I can use the hardware configuration mentioned above without any changes?

My second question is, if there is any problem, when I use a 24V supply to drive the AMP2 with two 4 Ohm speakers? According to the datasheet this shall work, but I also read some older posts, that 18V will be the best voltage for that combination?

Greetings, Martin


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