3-way active crossover with 1 DSP and multiple DAC modules


I'm trying to decide on how to setup my system. I have a pair of 3-way speakers and 6 separate power amp modules. My goal is use Hifiberry DSP as an active crossover. That would mean I'd need 6 separate line outputs.

I've read that I cannot stack multiple DAC boards, as raspberry pi only uses 1 sound card.

1st question: Why is that? Can it be fixed with a tool?

2nd question: Even if there only one output audio stream as far as rpi is concerned, couldn't the 3 required DAC boards (for the 3-way crossover) be somehow controlled by the DSP module (maybe make the DSP the sound card)?

Active crossovers are becoming more and more mainstream. Maybe if what I am asking is not available, it would be good idea to provide such functionality through software or even with new many-channeled DACs

Thank you

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