Suggestions for a System Setup (record player + electric drums)

Hi, I was wondering if I can get some pointers/suggestions on setting up a sound system using a Raspberry Pi 3.


1. alexis drum set (TRS - rca)

2. sony turntable (rca)

3. bluetooth/airplay

Output: Klipsch R51M https://d2um2qdswy1tb0.cloudfront.net/product-specsheets/R-51M_Spec-Sheet_v01.pdf 

Design: Two hardware connected inputs and one software connected input, go through a mixer + amp, and then go out to the speakers. Ideally, the system would have a room acoustic correction feature but it is definitely optional.


1. I am planning to use HifiBerry Amp2 as the amp in the system. Thus I am wondering if Amp2 can provide sufficient power to the speakers. The speaker power handles 85W (cont) and has 8 Ohm impedance. Amp2 outputs 20W per channel at suggested 18V power supply.

2. How should I go about the 2 hardware connected inputs design? I haven't seen a multi-channel DAC boards being used together with HifiBerry.

3. HifiBerry OS seems to be able to support airplay and analog input, does it handles switching between different inputs?

A perfect scenario would be: RCA cables of both hardware inputs are plugged into the DAC mixer, Amp2 is powering the speakers, and HifiBerry OS is handling switching between inputs. I can easily switch from drum to turntable to bluetooth using the remote control.

As for room acoustic correction, it is not feature I absolutely need, but if you have any insights, I'd really appreciate them.

I understand it is a big project but any suggestions/resources you know will be greatly appreciated. Thank y'all in advance!





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