Working with REW IIR filters (store-filters problem)


I made steps according to this HifiBerry document: hifiberry-dsp/rew-basics.md at master · hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp · GitHub

I created and exported filter definition from REW as text file. I imported this file to DSP by command 

dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters filters.txt

Filters were imported OK a were functional (tested by measurement microphone).

But after that (according to provided document) I stored filters to DSP by command

dsptoolkit store-filters

It resulted to reseting (deleting) imported filters. Result was the same as using command

dsptoolkit clear-iir-filters

It is bug. In this situation is mandatory to reimport filters every HifiBerryOS restart. Can you provide some solution of this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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