HiFiBerryOS output volume way too low

My config:

RaspberryPi 3b+
HiFiBerry Dac+ Pro
HiFiBerryOS version 20211105

Today I moved from Moode 7.3.1 to HiFiBerryOS version 20211105. It was immediately obvious the output volume from HiFiBerryOS is waay too low to my powered speakers (Emotiva Airmotiv 4s). This is with all default settings during HifFiBerryOS setup - no changes. In the web interface the volume level must be 20 or higher to get even audible sound, and at volume level 50 the dB level from the speakers is still woefully low compared to my previous Moode 7.3.1 build (it's nearly half of the dB output of Moode volume level 50). Moode was also at all its defaults - no special gain settings, volume steps etc.

Anyone know what up with this?



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