Magic Smoke - help me not let it out next time

So long story short:

I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the 7" touchscreen and Volumio.  I previously was using a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro and that setup worked just fine.

I decided to try and up my game by adding remote control via a IR sensor.


I spent a couple days figuring out lirc and configuring my remote while waiting for parts to come in to allow me to connect the hifiberry back to the system. Last night I hooked everything back up and magic smoke appeared from the DAC.  I'm assuming its smoked and gone.  

So I want to learn what I did wrong, so when I go to install the HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro, I leave the magic in the music, rather than the smoke.


Here is what I did:

Here is how I connected everything:

  • IR connected to pins 1 (3v3), 11 (GPIO17), 25 (Ground)
  • 7" Touchscreen connected to pins 2 (5v), 6 (ground)
  • HiFiBerry connected to:
    • pins 3 (GPIO2), pin 5 (GPIO3) → audio configuration
    • pins 12 (GPIO18), 35 (GPIO19), 38 (GPIO20) and 40 (GPIO21) → sound interface
  • Per HiFiBerry Pin 27 (ID_SD) and 28 (ID_SC) are always reserved for an ID EEPROM on the Raspberry Pi. Independently which card you use, these pins are always reserved and should never be used to connect external components.


Here is where the smoke came from. 

Any help appreciated.  PS I did read the the HiFiBerry support page but nothing was readily apparent that I did wrong (which is why I'm posting here :smile: )


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