RESOLVED: Digi+ Pro Coax and Optical stopped working after rpi reboot

Hi All,

After powering down my HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro Rpi 3b in order to move it to another location on my rack, the coax and optical outputs no longer appear to be working.  

My setup is using the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro on a Rpi 3B as a Roon endpoint which is powered by an external 5v linear power supply.  It is connected to a Denefrips Ares II DAC via Coax. The DAC is connected to an Emotiva BasX TA100 via RCA into Aux.  The TA100 is used as a preamp into an Emotiva A300 which is powering a pair of Magnepan .7s with a Rythmik L12 sub.

 The DAC will display the sample rate whenever the Roon end point is connected, regardless if it is playing or not.  It will show the bit rate of the track that was last played or is playing. The optical output on the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro is also always lit up.

After I powered the Digi+ Pro Rpi 3B, everything looks ok on it, even through the Roon app and the HiFiBerry web interface.  However, the optical output no longer lights up and the coax feed into the DAC doesn't register a sample rate on the DAC. I also tried using the optical connection into the DAC to no avail.  I then tried connecting my iPhone to the Mac via USB to make sure the DAC was still working and it worked fine. I also connected my other Digi+ Pro Rpi 3B which was connected to another system into the DAC and it worked.  

So, basically, to me it looks like the outputs on the Digi+ Pro are not working.  Any ideas as to what might be going on would be greatly appreciated.

As for troubleshooting so far, I have rebooted the Rpi a few times via the HiFiBerry web interface, then I updated the firmware.  Then I unplugged the Rpi and plugged it back in. Nothing changed.


Edit: I am not sure what I did, other than it being turned off for about 15 minutes or so while I swapped it out for the other Digi+ Pro 3B.  It is now working.


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