DAC+DSP and toslink issue

Hello I have a DAC+DSP that I am using on a RPi4 with CamillaDSP. Through the initial setup and troubleshooting, I took various steps, including loading a default profile and running the spdif2pi commands.

I now am able to use CamillaDSP to get audio out of toslink and output to a USB DAC. However, there is default routing from toslink in to toslink out, and if I try to output to toslink out through CamillaDSP I think I'm getting twice the output.

Does the DAC+DSP automatically route audio from toslink in to out, or did I do that at some point, and is there a way to disable it? I basically would like to just get toslink in, have CamillaDSP do the processing and then output to toslink out.

Thank you,



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