Off topic: Wake up your Mac / PC at home remotely with HifiBerryOS

When I’am on the road or in the office sometimes I need files that are at home on my Mac. It’s in 24/7 sleep mode and needs to be woken up remotly.

WOL does not work because all units are wirelessly connected.
But almost all modern Mac/PC can be woken up via BT (mouse/keyboard)

What is needed:

- A secured !! (VPN/SSH) connection from the mobile to your home network (Because of the security never connect a Raspberry direct to the internet!)

- An app that can send ssh commands at your fingertip (I use the Android app 'Raspberry SSH Lite')

- HifiberryOS paired with your PC/Mac

The command (send by right button on the screenshot) is:

l2ping -c 2 <btmacdaddr>

l2ping sends 2 commands to the BLUETOOTH!! macadress of your PC/Mac and turns it on.

Works since months without any problems.

Regards Norbert-2
(It seems 2 Norbert’s walking around here :-))


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