Clicks on volume change


I'm finding that my rPi4 with Dac2Pro XLR DAC exhibits strange static type clicks whenever I change volume or perform any transport operations e.g. play or pause.

Volume changes, using the slider, sound rather like an old grubby pot or dirty wiper, with subtle static clicks occurring during the change.

Play results in a 'crunchy' click (almost like a needle drop sound!) with Pause exhibiting a shorter single click. Playback otherwise seems to be fine with no other background noises.

This happens with mp3 and flac files of varying bitrates.

I've tested it using HifiberryOS (s/w 20210804) with MPD playback of local files, but I've also heard it with Squeezelite & LMS.

I've seen reference in other posts to bit rate transition clicks but nothing about playback of a single track.

Any ideas?


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