HifiberryOS - Keyboard and Bluetooth support

Hello, I have 6 Raspberry Pi 3b's that I built 4 years ago for a whole home audio system with DAC's which have been replaced with Amazon Alexa.

I'd like to repurpose them and notice there's a HifiberryOS.

My thought is to build a Bluetooth / Streaming speaker system with touchscreen, and I have 2 questions before I decide to buy a touchscreen.

1. Since it will be a standalone speaker, does HifiberryOS UI include an onscreen touchscreen? If I decide to sell the speaker to someone, I'd like them to have the ability to configure wifi as the raspberry pi will be enclosed in the speaker and ethernet will be unavailable. Needing to configure wifi with keyboard will not be an option.

2. Does HifiberryOS support bluetooth connectivity, i.e., allowing phone to connect to it and stream music through it, lets say, via the stored music on the phone or any other streaming music service on the phone (I realize HifiberryOS supports Spotify, but the question is whether it allows bluetooth streaming audio from a connected device).



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