Temperature measurement on HifiBerryOS

Hi all,

I just installed HifiBerryOS on my Raspberry Pi 4B with a HifiBerry DAC2 HD attached to it.

Besides this hardware, I already added a 5 volt fan to it as well, PWM-driven via GPIO port 23 and a MOSFET. The python script that I wrote uses vcgencmd measure_temp to measure the temperature of the Pi, and based on that measurment it controls the speed of the fan. This worked great on Raspberry Pi OS with raspotify.

But now on HifiBerry, this vcgencmd measure_temp package is not installed, and as far as I know I cannot install it either.

Does anybody know how to install this package?

Or maybe there is another package present that can do the temperature measurement?

Or can I ask HifiBerry to add this package to the OS in a next release?

Kind regards,

Rainer (Utrecht)



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