UI is unreachable


I'm using HifiBerryOS on a Pi4 with the DAC+DSP board. I have been using it successfully for about a month now (configuring things in the UI and listening to music) and have now discovered that the web UI is not reachable any more. I have tried the following steps to find out what is wrong, but haven't been successful yet:

  • just listen to music (Toslink in, Toslink out) => Ok
  • ssh into the system => Ok
  • Check if beocreate2.service is up and running (using systemctl / journalctl) => It complains about "Error loading extension music" (data isn't mounted. I only use Toslink in), but otherwise seems to start up fine, loading the DSP program and applying the filters I initially entered in the UI

I have not made any configuration changes or performed any updates recently (Installation was at the end of July with the newest image).

I'm at a loss currently, because the services seem happy, the music pipeline works, but the UI doesn't. Any ideas what I could try next?






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