Combine DAC+ DSP and AAMP60


I am so eager to get started on my hifiberry setup, but before I order I need to get some stuff sorted out.

My goal is this: An amplifier with optical input and spotify connect/airplay. Hifiberry seems to be the way to go, but...

My understanding is that the beocreate would have been the easiest solution, but it seems very hard to get a hold of. (Is it discontinued?)

The next best solution (correct me if I'm wrong) seems to be the DAC+ DSP combined with the AAMP 60 but these are not made to be put together. 

On the AAMP 60 there are 6 pins used for right/left channel and GND that connect to other DAC ADC boards. Could I solder these to RCA contacts and this way connect the AAMP 60 to the DAC+ DSP RCA output?

Is there any reason why the AAMP 60 and the DAC+ DSP would not work well together?

Thank you!

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