Crackling and Ticking noises during playback AMP100 RPI3B+

Hello HifiBerry Community,

after using a Digi+ in another configuration happily for some years, I recently bought an AMP100 for use as a standalone ROONready Device. I use a power supply of an intel NUC 19V, 4.7 A and a RPI3B+.

I intalled HifiberryOS image 20210531 and got a connection to roon without any problems. It works ALMOST flawlessly, as it produces cracking and tickling noises irregularly, almost as if listening to a - not mint condition - vinyl disc.

I know that cracking has been discussed in many threads, but it seems that there was no discription and/or solution that fits to my problem or I may not have found it.

The diagnostics report the Sound Card as Amp100 so that seems fine.

In the meantime I tried replaying music via airplay and bluetooth, but the crackling noises remain unchanged. I also tried reducing the max volume, what has been reported as a possible solution, but that showed no effect.

The Speakers are no "ugly old thing that I found in the attic" but a rather new B&W M1 that have been working fine before.

I would try another powersupply, but for that I need to rip my main audio-setup apart and that I would like to avoid if possible.

I do appreciate any ideas that you may come up with...
Andreas Klein


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