DSP - How to set specific frequencies in Parametric EQ?

I have a Digi2 Pro with DSP add-on, and I am running optical out to my headphone DAC/amp.

I would like to set specific frequencies and Q factors within the DSP, as shown below:

(this is a published Harman Preferred Listening Curve EQ filter for my HD600 headphones) 

Type Fc Q Gain
Peaking 25 Hz 0.88 6.3 dB
Peaking 3227 Hz 3.43 -2.5 dB
Peaking 4190 Hz 6.2 3.7 dB
Peaking 9702 Hz 1.43 3.3 dB
Peaking 19499 Hz 0.42 -11.3 dB
Peaking 60 Hz 2.11 1.0 dB
Peaking 180 Hz 0.86 -1.9 dB
Peaking 573 Hz 1.18 1.1 dB
Peaking 5959 Hz 5.4 -3.9 dB
Peaking 6591 Hz 2.48 2.0 dB

The web-UI for the built-in HiFiiBerry EQ tool is nice, but I can only set frequency in increments of 100Hz on the higher end.

What is the easiest way for me to set more specific frequencies?


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