Multiroom Setup with HiFiBerry + Spotify Connect

Hi, everybody,

I would like to start a new project.
So far I have a RPI4 with HiFiBerry AMP2.
That works great along with Raspotify and shareport-sync (Airplay) as well.
The system runs Raspbian and on it other things like my smart home server.

Now I want to add more speakers to my setup for more rooms. Multiroom synchronization, of course.

I had thought about buying another 2x RPI4 + 2x HiFiBerry.
As a server I would take a RPI and install the Snapcast Server there.
The Snapcast Client then comes on the others.
Can I do all this with Raspbian? It's important to me that at least one RPI has a full-fledged operating system so I can still run my other projects.
What is the media playback process? The way I envision it is that I play music on the server, whatever the source (mp3, Spotify, Airplay) and it just syncs the audio output to the clients. Is that correct?

Has anyone had any experience with this and can tell me if Spotify Multiroom is possible with such a setup?
Are there better alternatives? Etcher Sound? Max2Play?
I currently prefer Snapcast because it's open source and I can install it on Raspbian.
Systems like Sonos is out of the question for me, as I don't want to be dependent on manufacturer updates and would like to put together my speakers individually.

Thanks in advance for your opinion!

Greetings from Germany!

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