DAC2 HD not working, while DAC+ and Digi+ Pro do work?!



I'm using your Digi+ Pro, DAC+ and DAC2 HD products together with Volumio, Nanosound (by Nanomesher) and GPIO buttons plugin.

I made 3 pcs of these with 3 different boards mentioned above :



All connections to oled screen and buttons are the same, BUT DAC+ and Digi+ Pro cards working and DAC2 HD not working.

Can you tell me the reason/difference why is this so? What to do to make DAC2 HD work with this plugins and additional hardware like DAC+ and Digi are working?

With no plugins installed DAC2 HD works, but can't figure out what is the difference.

I'm using raspberry pi 3B+ and Volumio.


Thanks for great products otherwise :)


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