Big issues with digi+ and OpenAuto Pro


Trying to use digi+ with OpenAuto Pro, but S/PDIF output isn't working. I'm pretty sure its an OAP problem, since I have no issues with a fresh install of RaspOS and the digi+ board (or any other install I've used it for; LibreElec/Kodi). In their image, whenever the digi+ is installed, the volume icon on the desktop shows muted, with no ability to affect the slider; mute is checked and not able to uncheck. Right-click brings me to options to choose the Tx options -> AIF and S/PDIF Rx.

Does any of this make sense? OAP swears they have not altered the sound management from the base RaspOS install, and that they use PulseAudio for their backend.

And of course, they're kicking me back to you. Are there any config files that I can access that would point to differenced between their install and raw RaspOS?

Pretty frustrated right now; this is day two trying to figure this out...




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