[HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP] GPIOs connector to Raspberry Pi and data reception/transmission from/to Raspberry Pi


I am using the HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP platform connected with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board.

In my project, I have a I2S microphone connected to the connector P6, namely the digital inputs and outputs 1. I am programming the project with the Analog Device's SigmaStudio.

For the project, I need to transmit and receive signals to/from the RaspBerry Pi. My first question is what are the GPIOs, amonsgt the 40-pin connector, that I can access in order to transmist/receive data? My second question is how can I do this with SigmaStudio?

I found this link for the Beocreate, but I couldn't similar information for the HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP platform. Also there is this link, but this also does not provide all the information that I need.

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