DAC+ DSP, TosLink in not working in dsp v11, no 96kHz in v12


I just connected DAC+ DSP to RPI4, i'm using HiFiBerry OS.

I've noticed that when using one of v11 profiles: dacdsp-11.xml or dacdsp-96-11.xml - I'm getting no input from TosLink (it's "not active" all the time, DSP register with "SPDIF On" says "0").

TosLink input works fine with profile dacdsp-12.xml, so I believe there was some bug which has been fixed. Thanks a lot for that!

As a next step, I would like to ask you if there is a way to get from you:
 - pre-built dacdsp-96-12.xml profile, so that TosLink can be used with 96kHz internal processing
 - a SigmaStudio project with v12 (I only found dacdsp-v11.dspproj on  your github), so that the profile can be customised for project needs
 OR maybe a description of what needs to be changed in SigmaStudio project v11 to fix TosLink-IN issue?


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