Loose connection to Airplay & Access to Hifiberry OS webinterface

Dear Hifiberry team;

I currently have the following setup installed in 4 different speakers.

- Beocreate

- Rapsberry pi 4

- Meanwell power supply

- Hifiberry OS 20210531

-Wifi Network connection


On one of them, I keep loosing connection to Airplay [this comes back after turning on/off the airplay service], but as well connection to the Web interface of Hifiberry OS. In some instances when this happens I have identified a loss of ping to the IP address of the Raspberry.


I suspect a hardware issue in the Beocreate, as I have replaced all components, raspberry, SD card, power supply and the problem continues. Always with this one speaker and not with the others. 

I'm opening this request here as per advise of your support team.

Could you please advise?








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